As a yoga studio our first priority is to our students. We dedicate ourselves to guide with the utmost attention to our community of yogis. We are here to support and encourage growth in the best way possible for each individual, so that they will learn and develop their own personal practice to be a lifetime of ongoing fulfillment.

Lavender Koi Yoga's teachers are

devoted practitioners of transformation. Our disciplines are based in the ancient yogic teachings, which we bring to our community with modern expression. We are rooted in truth, which is exactly what you will learn from us. 

Through the practice of yoga you will ultimately understand who you truly are, becoming everything you are meant to be in your lifetime. Yoga is a practice of self discovery that can be applied on the mat and in all aspects of life. 

You are alive for a reason, be that reason and live.


Lavender Koi Yoga is a space free of all

judgement toward yourself and of others. It is a 

sanctuary committed to individuals who want to reach their highest potential. When you enter the studio you leave all your ideas on how things "should be" at the door. These thoughts are not needed within you and will only keep you from remembering what and who you truly are. Yoga's teachings are to empower an individual. Taking the wisdom that is learned and gained on the mat and then applying it to everyday life becoming a happier and a more peaceful person. 




​Someone who wants to gain an understanding of themselves in the deepest way.


Once you start, yoga becomes a lifetime practice, it meets all your needs to have an incredibly healthy fulfilled life. It doesn't matter how young or old you are when you start practicing yoga because you begin when you are ready too. Yoga is a 5,000 yr. old discipline, rooted in enhancing one's own mind and body. You are a well-organized beautiful story. Your creator wrote your story and now you get to read it, study it and genuinely enjoy the bountiful gift that is you. Yoga doesn't let you take yourself for granted, it wants and asks you to be the reason why you were created. We all have a reason why we are alive, be your reason and live. If you want to live the rest of your life with the knowledge knowing exactly who and what you are, ultimately becoming the best possible you. Then you should come.



Please arrive to the studio with enough time to sign in, store your belongings and settle on to

your mat prior to the start of class. 

Shoes are not allowed in the yoga area. Please remove them and store them in a cubby along with any other belongings you wish to not have with you during class. Make yourself comfortable and

relax as if this is your home away from home.

Cell phones must be placed on silent and stored with your belongings.

Be sure to be mindful of how you are coming to class and any event at the studio. Be especially mindful of the scents you might be carrying around with you; strong perfumes, colognes, body odor, etc. Also remember to care for your yoga equipment, clean your mat and towel.

Even though you come to yoga for yourself, we are a shared community. Be respectful of your space and others so that your fellow yogi can be completely present with themselves. Leave the space that you occupy the same way it was as you arrived to it.

Last and definitely not least. Ego is left at the door, Lavender Koi Yoga is a sanctuary devoted to the practice of yoga and that is it. We as a community of yogis strive for the self disciplines to a better life, which is concentrated in truth. The practice does not identify with: age, gender, race, culture, limitations, the past, the future, or conditioning. Yoga is only attracted to what is truly important.