Yoga nidra is a state of deep conscious rest.... a state of relaxed awareness that can allow for deep physical, mental and emotional healing.  Practitioners lay in a comfortable position on a mat and follow a guided meditation that’s designed to cycle through the stages of awake, dreaming and deep sleep. There’s only one pose in this class so it is suitable for all level yogis! It’s been said that one hour of yoga nidra is equal to a few hours of regular sleep so you will leave class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Meeting Your Guardian Angels

w/ Colleen St. Michaels

Wednesday, December 18th


Partner and co- create life with your personal angels.


Did you know that your guardian angels want to talk with you? 


Our Guardian angels have been with you since you entered the world  lovingly by your side each support and encourage you. These Are only your angels, your guardian angels have all of the coordinates to your journey learn to hear what they want you to know .


How do we do that?


 We learn to connect with our guardian angels with automated writing a form of channeled writing that helps to quiet the ego and get clear messages .


 You don’t want to miss this amazing night writing and working with the divine!

$33. per person

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Suite, C
Berlin, NJ 08009
PH: 856.905.7443
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