Nature, Love and Herbalism

May 5, 2017


Mystical Blossoms is a local business in South Jersey that sells 100% natural herbal and body products. Two sisters, Jody and Michaline, decided to do what they love and combine it into a business. Some of what they make are natural alternatives to skin care, aromatherapy products, artwork, and herbal remedies. They are creative herbalists that base any pursuit they have on whether it improves mind, body, or spirit. They thrive on helping others, so everyone in the family is included. Whether you’re a mom, dad, child, or grandparent, you should find something you love. Each product is made in small batches, mostly from herbs and botanicals grown in their own gardens, and is developed and tested by friends and family before arriving to local venues or being sold on their online store. If you haven’t had the chance to meet them, take a visit to one of their next venues. You’re sure to feel inspired. Their display is a work of art and their products are amazing. It’s always a pleasure just being able to look at the beauty and to indulge your senses in it all.

The company has recently begun, but it’s history reaches through years of interests and passion.

The beginning, really, has been a lifelong journey. Jody bought her first home at the young age of 20 and immediately went to work on her garden. Filling it year-by-year with unique flowers and building a relationship with each garden in every home since then, has made her love of herbs fall naturally into her soul. Jody has planted seeds every year since 1998, and now the seeds she plants are a marriage of medicinal plants, vegetables, and flowers. Every aspect serves a purpose from wellness to a source for the pollinators. Jody loves watching things blossom and nurturing others. Being a wonderful cook has made her love of herbalism even stronger. There is always a way to get herbs into our lives and she will let you know! Check out their instagram pages and facebook page if you already haven’t. There’s something you’re sure to learn. For years, Jody worked in customer service, so she takes every comment and suggestion as a means to improve or develop new products. In fact, every venue serves as a critical factor to product development. Feedback from shows lays the groundwork for what people need and what will soon come.


Michaline is about using art and making everything beautiful, and is truly inspired by nature. Her home is an evolution in design–always trimmed with branches, natural colors, and fresh flowers. Her favorite place to go is the woods. Now she finds more than inspiration on her hikes. Seeing the weeds and lush greenery as medicine has opened another world. Michaline has been a graphic designer for about 15 years. She also loves to bake and follows a healthy lifestyle. Since she enjoys baking so much she took full charge of making soaps, something that requires accuracy and detail. Add some creative blending with earthy ingredients, and you have a bar of soap you’ll love! Her husband, Nick, built an art studio in their home, which allows her artistic spirit to go wild.

Nick is responsible for the beautiful wooden displays you will see at every venue. He is a woodworker and beekeeper. He will be tending bees this year which will develop into another aspect of the business. They will soon be blogging about their bee and blossom journey on their website. There should be some interesting and fun stories to tell.


Mind, body and spirit mean everything to Mystical Blossoms. Of the many herbal products brewing, Spring Tonic is a perfect “body” product that’s nourishing for this time of year. As we emerge from Winter, plants begin to grow in March and April and it’s a sight to behold–flowering trees, daffodils, crocus, lilacs, forsythias, and hyacinths to name a few. The plants awaken our spirits and give us that much needed sense of renewal. Along with the beauty, we have weeds that start to pop up everywhere–chickweed, cleavers, nettles, dandelions, yarrow, plantain, burdock, purslane. Most gardeners see these weeds as a nuisance, but it turns out, they can really nourish our bodies and that’s exactly why they are here. The plants that grow in early Spring are ideal for awakening our bodies and cleansing the stagnant energy and toxins that may have settled in during the slow months of Winter. Just as a bear wakes from hibernation, so do we. When the bear comes out in Spring, it eats the vegetation, berries and roots and becomes strengthened and toned. Spring Tonic encourages movement and strength in the body for this time of the year when mostly needed. With a beautiful blend of nourishing herbs, along with local honey and apple cider vinegar, this tonic is the perfect addition to your morning routine. It contains apple cider vinegar, local honey, dandelion, chickweed, turmeric, rosemary, stinging nettles, sage, parsley, and basil. 

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