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"The moment you decide to come to yoga is the moment you decide to deeply care about yourself."





Lavender Koi Yoga is an award-winning yoga studio. The beautiful, clean 1,800sq. feet offers a full weekly schedule with a wide variety of classes, for beginners to advanced practitioners. LKY specializes in authentic yoga, offering continued education, trainings and workshops.

Lavender Koi Yoga is an award-winning yoga studios in south jersey, nestled in the heart of Berlin Borough. As a yoga studio our first priority is to our students. We dedicate ourselves to guide with the utmost attention to our community of yogis. We are here to support and encourage growth in the best way possible for each individual, so that they will learn and develop their own personal practice to be a lifetime of ongoing fulfillment.

Our studio consists of a main room which is 1,500sq. feet with very high ceilings. It is an absolutely equiste place to practice, it is truly a sanctuaryBeautiful inspirational artwork is displayed all around the studio space along with lush greenery and live plants for a freshness the breath will highly appreciate.

At the core of every single one of our classes is awareness. Awareness of the Self is the practice of yoga and that is what The Koi's main emphasis is on, Self-realization. One of our studio's mottos is, "It's better to be in the know, than to not be." When you are "in the know" then that is where opportunity presents it's self. When you are not "in the know" then as a human being you are unaware that you have a choice around your reactions, decisions, emotions, thoughts and actions. Our goal as an authentic yoga studio is to show all students their truth, so that they can live not just their best life, but to live their best life being the best person they can be.

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