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Psychic Development Class


In this Psychic Development Class, you will learn:

  • How developing your psychic abilities will guide you to your higher purpose

  • Myths that may be holding you back from developing your psychic gifts

  • 3 strategies that will help you develop your psychic abilities


By the end of this workshop:

You will have an understanding of what your psychic abilities are and how you can harness them to find your Higher Purpose. 

What to bring:

You don’t need to bring anything to this workshop except your open mind!

About the Host

Hello you beautiful souls!

My name is Brandi Van and I am a Psychic Medium Mentor who helps people who are highly sensitive to discover their unique psychic gifts so they can experience an abundance of peace and find their Higher Purpose to help others.

I have been receiving messages from Spirit since a young age which has led me on a lifetime path of greater meaning. It is now my mission to help others develop their psychic abilities with my mentorship program, Jump-Start Your Psychic Abilities, so that I can create more light workers in this world. 

Until we meet, live in love and light and let your light shine!

You can find more info about Brandi at

In-person only, 2/16 at 7:00-8:30p



How To Create A Positive Morning Routine


The morning is the stage for your whole day! Let's learn how to utilize that time to intentionally create abundance, self-care, self-love, connection, grounding into what is important to us so that we can grow the seeds we want to cultivate for our lives! Every morning is an opportunity to thrive and raise your energetic vibration, keeping it lifted. As you grow in positivity so will what you can attract into your life. It starts with one morning and then another and then another, until it becomes who you are. You won't have to try anymore, it will just be you, radiant, vibrant, you!


Make sure to reserve your spot!

2/22, 7:30-8:30pm

Bring a notebook!

In-person only (held in small room)



Candlelight Restorative Yoga Class


Join Melody Beebe for a beautiful evening of self care. Get ready to be adorn your body, mind and soul by candlelight, in restful postures meant to deeply relax your entire Being.


Bring your blankets, pillows, props and wear something super comfy!

Make sure to reserve your spot!

2/22, 7:00-8:00pm



Beginner Handstand Workshop


Handstands! How mesmerizing it is to watch people stand on their hands! Just like learning how to walk for the first time, your body slowly acclimates through practice, to the tiny movements and changes - as it makes sense of the world from the upside down!

Handstands are a pose that require time and patience! Incorporating handstands into your daily and weekly life can build more shoulder strength and core strength! They provide a full body workout as well as countless benefits for your mental health! Handstands are an advanced meditation as you get in touch with yourself in this inverted position,

you become minutely connected to self.

If you have ever wanted to try handstands, learn about handstands, or improve your handstand practice –

this is a workshop for you!

This is a beginners handstand workshop where we will go over the mental aspects of handstands, how to stretch and protect your wrists, and take a look at where you are at in your handstand journey! There will be techniques and conditioning for all levels!
Let’s get together and develop the fundamental skills and strength needed to get you upside down!

3/9, 1pm-2:15pm


Make Your Own Kimchi Event!


Kimchi is a traditional Korean banchan (side dish) and there are a variety of different kinds. Join Judy Siatkowski, a phenomenal vegan chef as she guides you through creating your very own jar of Kimchi to take home and enjoy yourself or to share with others. This is a two hour event, so let’s have fun! Grab some friends, bring your favorite spirts or tea to sip on. Food is energy, so bring your high vibes as we support each other in creating another life force we get to savor.

3/10, 1pm-3pm


Rejuvenating Spring Equinox Event!

Celebrate the Renewal of the Spring Equinox with a Candlelit Gentle Yoga Class guided by Gwyn, owner of Lavender Koi Yoga and a Revitalizing Sound Healing by Angela Fields!


Join us for an unforgettable evening of rejuvenation and inner harmony as we celebrate the arrival of Spring. Gwyn will lead you through gentle yoga postures ending class with a guided meditation, allowing you to release tension, restore energy, and connect deeply with the season's transformative energy.


As you settle into each pose, Angela Fields will envelop you in a harmonious blend of healing vibrations. With the resonance of gongs, crystal singing bowls, Himalayan bowls, and the serene hum of a crystal pyramid, Angela will lead you on a journey of sound, awakening your senses and soothing your spirit.


This Spring Equinox, immerse yourself in a sanctuary of tranquility, where the harmony of yoga and sound brings forth a profound sense of renewal and inner balance. Reserve your space now and step into the season with grace and serenity.

3/15, 7pm-8:30pm


Beginners Guide To Posture Alignment

Posture alignment is important on our mats in our yoga practice for a number of reasons. Mainly so that while we practice the postures the postures are doing what they were designed for, cultivating a "healthy" body. The asanas (postures) were uniquely designed to bring balance to the body, heal, prevent future injuries and realign any misalignments the body has created over time for its self. This happens out of the body compensating because of injuries, pains, tension, 

tightness, bad posture, etc.


As you practice the asanas repeatedly they are meant to fix all of our misalignments, but if we are not properly aligned in our postures that we are repeatedly practicing then we are not utilizing them the best 

way we can for ourselves.


Come and learn proper alignment, understand why it is proper alignment and how to adjust yourself so that you can move with confidence on your mat knowing you are making your body the healthiest it can be.


Make sure to reserve your spot! This is an All Level Event!

3/24, 11am-1:00pm
$30.pp, Bring a notebook!


Did Someone Say, KIRTAN?!!!

The Koi is so very excited to have Jeff Eisenberg's

Rock Ram Kirtan Jam Band come and fill our space with music, singing, chanting, high vibrations, love, support, and dancing!!! 


The Rock and Ram Kirtan Band is made up of spiritual friends drawn together by their love of music and devotion to the spiritual path, and was formed in the spirit of spiritual service to spread the message of joy, gratitude, and love that they've found in their own practice. They offer a unique spiritual music experience that offers traditional Kirtan, (the ancient Hindu practice of singing and chanting Sanskrit mantras), mixed with original spiritually inspiring songs sung in English, played in the style of modern music influences ranging from psychedelic jams, to reggae,

R & B, and Blues.

3/30, 6pm-8:00pm

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