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Monthly Satsang (Spiritual Talk)

Satsang is a spiritual talk, it is a place where like-minded individuals come with an open mind, willingness to express themselves, or just relax and listen.

Each month a different teacher or special guest leads the Satsang, but all are encouraged to be heard if they would like to be.

Satsang is a beautiful way to build community, trust and to create a safe space. The Koi is a sanctuary for all, Satsang is always free, but if you wish to make a donation that is also welcome. Bring your mat, blankets, pillows, notebook and anything else that will make your comfortable.



Satsang is offered in-person or live-stream, sign up is not required so if you would like to live-stream contact Gwyn @




5 Week Intro to Ashtanga Series with Jackie Walther! Starting 1/7, 10am Saturday mornings!!!!!


Mysore-style is the traditional method of teaching Ashtanga. Students practice together in the same room, at their own pace, with one-on-one guidance from the teacher as needed. In this intro series, students will be given a few poses at a time, and will work to memorize part of the series, allowing them to develop a self-led, independent practice. This repetition will lead the students to begin to feel the subtle changes taking place in their bodies and practice throughout the 5 weeks. 


Join Jackie for this great opportunity to learn such an incredible beneficial practice! 


This amazing series is included with monthly memberships and class cards. If your class card only has a few classes left, you can use those and finish the series paying for drop-ins or purchase another class card. If you would just like to do the 5 Week Series the cost for the full 5 classes is $70.

✨ THIS IS A 5 WEEK COMMITMENT✨ You won’t be able to drop in to a class at anytime.

Starting 1/7 and Ends 2/4, Saturdays 10:00am-11:15am

$70. Investment



YOGA NIDRA (Sacred Sleep)

Yoga nidra is an amazing practice that can be incredibly beneficial to your mental and physical wellbeing! It is a form of deep relaxation that helps you to reach a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. During yoga nidra, you will be guided through a series of body scans, visualizations, and breathing exercises. This practice can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue, while also improving your overall mental clarity and focus. I highly recommend giving yoga nidra a try!

This month's theme of "Letting Go" is the perfect opportunity to practice yoga nidra. With yoga nidra, we can release any lingering stress, worry, and disappointment that is leftover from last year. We can use this calming practice to dive deep within and let go of what no longer serves us. Letting go of the past opens us up to a new, fresh start in the New Year - a chance to set new, achievable goals and expectations that will bring us joy and fulfillment. Yoga nidra is the perfect tool to help us on our journey of letting go.

Sunday, 1/22 from 7:00-8:00PM

$20 Wellness Investment



The art of mindfulness can be a part of your everyday life, one that can be recognized through the awareness of being present and even when we are not present in our life the opportunity is just waiting for your awareness. This class is going to teach you that you do not have to sit in a lotus positions on the floor to become concentrated. It is going to teach you techniques to be mindfully aware at any moment in your day to day activities and also give you tools to be able to train yourself to be able to sit and meditate for as long as you would like. Getting all those gorgeous benefits of mindfulness meditation.

The #1 reason why people give up on meditation so quickly is because they don't give themselves enough time to ease into it. It is like anything else you try to do for the first time, it takes practice and understanding. Most people have been listening to their minds their whole life and then try to sit and quiet it. It is almost impossible to do right off the bat. So don't you can not do it, you can you just have to do some things in between to get there.


Gwyn has been doing mindfulness meditation for over 16yrs., trained and guided by Gil Fronsdal an American Buddhist from the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in San Francisco. Gwyn has studied/practiced the traditional way of doing mindfulness meditation and has worked with it to develop a way so that it is accessible for every mind. Being an individual that has Attention Deficit Disorder Gwyn had a very hard time being able to sit quietly. So she took this beautiful ancient teaching and applied the fundamentals to her life eventually being able to sit in meditation for 6 hours at a time. And she would love to share her journey, techniques, tools, and knowledge with you!

Mindfulness meditation is not just about being aware of what is in front of you through your senses and your breath, but what is fully around you. Mindfulness is fun, exciting and a great way to live more fully in your life.

Join us for an evening that will enrich your life!

Thursday, 1/26 from 7:30-8:45PM

$20 Wellness Investment



Somatic Self-Healing Event with Lezlee Ann


Let's learn the basics of the nervous system, how anxiety and stress play out in the body, and practice restoring balance in real-time.


The process of working towards mental and emotional balance is supported by engaging mindfully with the physical body. We will discuss the anatomy of the nervous system, its role in traumatic and stressful experiences, and the applications of bodymind philosophy and therapeutic yoga practices.

Armed with new knowledge, we will play with a blend of proven somatic practices including (but not limited to) yoga asana, breath control, intentional self-touch, mindfulness, and visualization. Our goal is to develop self-regulation skills and strategies to restore the nervous system and bring balance to the emotional, thinking, and feeling bodymind.


What to Bring:

  • comfortable clothing to move in

  • journal/notepad

  • yoga mat (some available on site

  • blanket/pillow/comfort item

  • essential oil, crystal, oracle or tarot deck (if these are part of your self-care practice)

  • water/tea


Wellness Investment: $30.pp


Sliding Scale available for Koi auto pay members: $25

BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Yoga Teachers (or current YTT students at any school), Mental Health professionals: $20 

Financial need (single mothers, unemployed, in debt), and current Koi YTT students: $16


Contact Gwyn: for Sliding Scale pricing!

Join us for an amazing experience!

SUNDAY, 2/12 from 11:00AM-1:30PM




Inkie The Guided One is presenting a night of mediumship. Inkie will connect with her angelic realm along with your loved ones to bring forth special messages. Audience members are not guaranteed a reading but Inkie will do her best to relay as many messages as she can in the time allotted.


This will be a powerful experience! The Koi is very excited to host Inkie!!! Come and see if your loved ones who have passed have a message for you!


Visit Inkie's website for more info about her! 

Join us! You are not going to want to miss it!!!

FRIDAY, 3/3 from 7:00PM-9:00PM

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