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Monthly Yoga Nidra 

(3rd Sunday of the Month)

Yoga nidra is an amazing practice that can be incredibly beneficial to your mental and physical wellbeing! It is a form of deep relaxation that helps you to reach a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. During yoga nidra, you will be guided through a series of body scans, visualizations, and breathing exercises. This practice can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue, while also improving your overall mental clarity and focus. I highly recommend giving yoga nidra a try!


Join Dan as he guides you in this incredible practice of Yoga Nidra!



$25. pp, In-person or Live-stream.


Guided Mindfulness Meditation


Join Gwyn for this 4 week series of Guided Mindfulness Meditation. Each week we will do a meditation centering around a different ability within the human mind. Mindfulness meditation is the best way to strengthen your capacity to control the mind, rather than letting it control you. 


This series will be held on Wednesdays in the studio's smaller room from 7:45-8:45pm. Wear very comfy clothes, bring your mat, pillows, blankets, eye pillows, bolsters and anything else to make you comfortable. If you need a chair we will provide one for you. And if you need extra blankets or an eye pillow you can borrow them from the studio.


You do not need to come to all the Wednesday evenings, but it is encouraged. 


4/19 - New Moon Intentions

4/26 - Compassion for the Self and Others

5/3 - Focus & Clarity

5/10 - Calm & Relaxation


Costs: The whole 4 week series, $65.

Drop-in per class, $20.

Members can use their Class Card (just let Gwyn know) and series is included

for Auto-Pay Members.


Vision of Love Workshop

A Singles' Workshop for CREATING A CLEAR PATH to the relationship & partner that you desire!


As your Intuitive Mindset, Self-Love, and Spiritual Coach for the evening,


I will lead you through this 2.5 hour Workshop as we go through the 12 steps of my signature program to create a CLEAR THE PATH for your Romantic partner to walk into your life!


With your participation we are going DEEP!


I encourage you to be vulnerable and open, as the more honest you are, the more TRAJECTORY you give to your vision!


This Event will be held with no more than 12-15 people max. to ensure  a "safe" space, and intimate container, for sharing.


We will all be gathering with the same intention so there is no need to hold back!


If you’re ready to toss the “cycles” and “patterns” of the past, and welcome in sustainable and healthy Love, you’re not going to want to miss this!  



What we'll be doing: This will be a WORKSHOP Event! It will be both "serious" and FUN! Think "vision-boarding" but with your journal, prompting, and discussion with the facilitator and each other. The attendees will be led through a 12-step, signature process, to create CLARITY around the "what's and why's" of the details they are looking for in a relationship and partner.


Benefits: Clarity is a foundational KEY to Manifestation! Many people know what they don't want based on previous relationships, but rarely take the time to find what they DO want and, more importantly, WHY they want it....This process will create a CLEAR PATH for your desired partner to make their way into your life! While there will obviously be a ton of focus on "the other", this workshop is also designed to create space for lots of Self Reflection and expresses the importance of Self Love in order to ATTRACT the Relationship and Partner of your dreams!


Discussion Topics Include: Current Beliefs on Love, Physical Characteristics of Partner, Morals/Interests/Qualities of Partner, Ideal Sex Life with Partner, Self-Reflection, Self Care Practices, Healing in order to Receive, Online Dating Profile Creation/Revision, Importance of Trust, Faith, and finding Self-Love.


Guided by Regina Olive- Intuitive Mindset, Self-Love, and Spiritual Mentor



Cost: $33pp


Broga, An All Mens Yoga Class

Broga, a yoga class for men taught by a man! Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you wake up sore and stiff from work? A full day of hard work is satisfying… but it beats up the body! Good news! Practicing yoga could be the best thing you could do for yourself. 


Come to the mens yoga class at Lavender Koi to release tension, and learn some simple but effective ways to move the body to prepare for a tough day as well as relax after a long day. This class is designed to help you get rid of the constant aches and pains that come with working hard, and cultivate a calm, focus mind at the same time. 


This class is for all skill levels, so come in and discover the relief

you’ve been looking for! 


In Person or Live-Stream, $25.pp


Yoga & Kittens Fundraiser!

In-person yoga and virtual spots available! Yoga will be followed with kitten snuggles and light refreshments 🐱 


$35 for in-person & $30 for virtual 


*All profits go directly toward rescue kitties!


Venmo: @fosterthefurbabies

PayPal: fosterthefurbabies

Cashapp: $fosterthefurbabies

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