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A Summer of Self-Discovery


The Full Story......


Who am I?
An exploration of perception. 

Work to discover who is really behind the thoughts, the emotions, the judgements, the opinions, the rules, the attachments, the ego; all the layers that are believed and become our perception of things. All the layers of the human condition that either cause us to suffer or have the capability to set us free from the confines of these conditions. This class will disintegrate the idea that you are just your thoughts so that you will discover who and what you truly are.


The Shadow 
The shadow explained.

The concept of the shadow was developed by Carl Jung, a famed psychoanalyst. Shadow work is a form of psychological exploration. The idea is that everything that is with our shadow is everything we dislike about ourselves. So we avoid it, but exploring it, working with it, is necessary for personal growth. It allows healing and to be self-realized. This brings about peace within and helps an individual  become more in the know around their reactions, emotions, negative thoughts and negative inner dialogue. In this class we will learn how to discover our shadow and  discuss how to work with our shadow so it becomes a thriving part of our existence rather than a hindrance.



The Shift 
How we make the shift.

After learning who we truly are, and what subconsciously is holding us back by working with our shadow we lean into the shift. What does the shift look like? How is all of this affecting our evolution of ourself? The shift may require some shedding in order to transform and connect with our highest purpose. We can use our first two realizations to make the shift, but it must be applied to our Being. In this class we will discuss the fundamentals of self-work that leads to self-discovery. As we peel back the layers of ourselves we gain insight into our inner workings, but their are guidelines that help this process, and actions to enforce. That is what the shift is. It’s really exciting to know you are discovering yourself, healing, growing and becoming your most authentic self.


The Burning 
A burning up ceremony.

The burning is an intentional ceremony honoring all the knowledge, the work, the growth, the transformation you have done. You show up with a letter with the intention to burn it. This letter is yours, no one else will read it. In this letter will be everything you want to burn that you discovered and realized that is no longer serving you and it is time to release it from your Being. This is a very powerful experience! You write it out of you, putting it on something tangible to bring it into the material world and then you get to witness it being burned, turned into ashes and letting the wind blow it away from you. And you are saying good-bye to the things that have been holding you back in life. Then we celebrate with a cacao and flower reflection gathering. We will seal in our commitment to ourselves and our personal growth journey. It will not be the end, it is just the beginning!




Individual Class - $45.

The Full Series - $180.

Studio Auto-Pay Membership Discount - $100.

A Summer of Self-Discovery with Gwyn

Gwyn Heusser is the owner of Lavender Koi Yoga in Berlin, NJ. Lavender Koi has been a sacred yoga studio, offering a well-rounded variety of yoga classes to a heart-felt supportive community since 2017. The purpose behind opening the doors to The Koi was to create a place where anyone who walked through the doors would feel seen for who they are. Gwyn believes that every human is the same, if we can see past the human facade and look into the hearts of each other, then we all become life existing. That is the utopia and she wanted to create that space and believes that she has. Lavender Koi Yoga is like no other yoga studio, it is unique in it’s offerings, beautiful, uplifting and inspiring. You feel it the moment you enter into the studio.


Gwyn has been seen on PHL17, Your Town South Jersey, and Off The Mat. She is the creator of Watga Yoga and Shadow Yoga, both have been copyrighted. Gwyn is mostly known for her advanced knowledge of yoga philosophy holding weekly Satsangs (spiritual talks) and numerous workshops on a diversity of topics. She also is a content creator with her Youtube channel, Aha Moments with The Koi. Gwyn has been studying and life practicing yoga philosophy since 2005, practicing yoga asana since 2011, and teaching both since 2013. She also guides the studios 200hr. Yoga Teacher Training Program, which she has been doing for the past 5 years. Lavender Koi Yoga has been awarded Best Yoga Studio in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area by PHL17, 6 years in a row. Gwyn is also an humanitarian, traveling to third world countries on mission trips with Food for the Poor, an animal activist, and supports all humans that are kind hearted, no matter what their belief system, gender, race, orientation, etc.


Gwyn is also a wife, a mother of 3 children (a 17yr. old and 13yr. old twins) Before owning a yoga studio she was a food photographer and food stylist for a speciality food company for 14yrs. If you’ve been to a grocery store you have seen her work.


“You were nobly born to be you, that is why you were created. So don’t let others tell you who to be, listen to your soul and be that. The world will thank you for it.” - Gwyn

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